TUX EXPRESS Fashion Show!

The guys rocked it at the Bridal Breakfast Seminar!  They had some fresh duds to show off!

Time for the Fashion Show! But first, let me take a SELFIE!!! "Cause Uptown Funk is Gonna Give It To Ya..." Jamie and his mini-me Logan Clipboard is out! Down to business! Tuan rocking the jade accessories! Steel grey suits are available, too! Tan suits are optional as well! Tux looks great, Ken! Jimmy back in action! Brian has the moves! Jason's been down the runway a time or two himself! More casual but still sharp! Sean sporting a semi formal wedding look! Our 6'8" model veteran, Greg! Everything FITS! Really sharp without the coat on! Justin shows off the reverse look with a BLACK shirt! Ken sporting a neutral platinum colored vest and a pop of color! He even rocks the fashion socks! Junior groomsman Brian making his 6th year's appearance! Jimmy's no stranger to the Tux Express runway! Jason stylin' in the "pool" accessories! Jerrid showing Patrick the ropes! Junior Groomsman in action- Victor! Sean models a classic groom look with a pop of color! New to the runway- Matt! White dinner jackets with black pants are pretty dapper! Lookin' good, Justin! The lavender color pops off that black shirt! Greg... An appearance by Chris Bigz! The color "watermelon" looks awesome with the steel grey!

Wedding Tip #7
Be flexible with your flower selection as certain types of flowers will be more expensive during different seasons of the year!
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