Date Night at Jiminy Peak!

"Our experience was amazing! The wedding planning process has been fun but very stressful with both of our work schedules so the date night at Jiminy Peak really allowed us to get back together and enjoy one another's company and remember that in the end no matter we'll get our happily ever after!" ~ Makayla Lemaire, Berkshire Bride WINNER

A HUGE "Thank You" to our sponsors:

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Linda's Pastries

Slideshow Image - Lined up and ready to go! Slideshow Image - WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Slideshow Image - Breathtaking! Slideshow Image - Date night at Jiminy Peak in their Country Inn! Slideshow Image - Check out the view! Slideshow Image - What's this??? A gift basket courtesy of Berkshire Bride! Slideshow Image - Assorted delicious cupcakes provided by Linda's Pastries! Slideshow Image - Mmmmmm!!! Slideshow Image - FREE fun passes to the mountain park, dinner and breakfast! Slideshow Image - Slideshow Image - Almost didn't make the cut! Slideshow Image - The view from dinner! Slideshow Image - Hearty dinner! Slideshow Image - Date night rocks! Slideshow Image - Topped off with a delectable dessert! Slideshow Image - Just as beautiful at night! Slideshow Image - Mimosas! Slideshow Image - And we're off! Slideshow Image - Enjoying each other's company! Slideshow Image - Beautiful scenery from the chairlift!

Wedding Tip #26
When finalizing your seating chart, make sure the # of people assigned to those tables equals the same # of people assigned on the place cards. In addition, make sure you provide your caterer, banquet manager, day of coordinator, etc. with the chart and place cards in plenty of time before the wedding so they can review it with fresh eyes.
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