25 Questions to Ask Your Potential Caterer

The food is one thing your guests will remember about your wedding. Find out ahead of time if you and your potential caterer are a good match!

_____ #1. What is your average price point per plate?

_____ #2. What is your deposit amount requirement?

_____ #3. Do you offer package pricing for multiple wedding functions? (bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

_____ #4. How many days before the wedding do you need the final headcount?

_____ #5. What do you provide? Linen? Flatware? China? Glassware? 

_____ #6. How much setup do you get involved in? Linen? Table settings? Centerpieces? Candle lighting?

_____ #7. Do you specialize in buffets or sit down meals?

_____ #8. Do you cater more than one function in a day? At the same time?

_____ #9. How many years have you been catering weddings?

_____ #10. Do you have a contact person for future questions and correspondence? 

_____ #11. How large is your staff?

_____ #12. What does your serving / bussing staff wear for a uniform at a wedding?

_____ #13. What is the largest party you've ever catered?

_____ #14. Do you prepare fresh (or frozen) foods?

_____ #15. Do you prepare your food in an on premises kitchen if available?

_____ #16. How do you keep your food warm?

_____ #17. Do you offer tastings so we may try your food?

_____ #18. Do you have a specialty dish?

_____ #19. Would you try making a dish if we presented you with a recipe?

_____ #20. Do you customize menus?

_____ #21. Do you cater to people with allergies? Gluten free?

_____ #22. Do you carry a liquor license? Offer bar services?

_____ #23. Do you charge a cake cutting fee? If so, how much?

_____ #24. What do you do with the leftover food? 

_____ #25. Do you have references / testimonials? 


Wedding Tip #22
If you plan to color or cut your hair prior to the wedding, do so 2 weeks BEFORE to avoid last minute potential issues.
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