25 Questions to Ask Your Potential Caterer

The food is one thing your guests will remember about your wedding. Find out ahead of time if you and your potential caterer are a good match!

_____ #1. What is your average price point per plate?

_____ #2. What is your deposit amount requirement?

_____ #3. Do you offer package pricing for multiple wedding functions? (bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

_____ #4. How many days before the wedding do you need the final headcount?

_____ #5. What do you provide? Linen? Flatware? China? Glassware? 

_____ #6. How much setup do you get involved in? Linen? Table settings? Centerpieces? Candle lighting?

_____ #7. Do you specialize in buffets or sit down meals?

_____ #8. Do you cater more than one function in a day? At the same time?

_____ #9. How many years have you been catering weddings?

_____ #10. Do you have a contact person for future questions and correspondence? 

_____ #11. How large is your staff?

_____ #12. What does your serving / bussing staff wear for a uniform at a wedding?

_____ #13. What is the largest party you've ever catered?

_____ #14. Do you prepare fresh (or frozen) foods?

_____ #15. Do you prepare your food in an on premises kitchen if available?

_____ #16. How do you keep your food warm?

_____ #17. Do you offer tastings so we may try your food?

_____ #18. Do you have a specialty dish?

_____ #19. Would you try making a dish if we presented you with a recipe?

_____ #20. Do you customize menus?

_____ #21. Do you cater to people with allergies? Gluten free?

_____ #22. Do you carry a liquor license? Offer bar services?

_____ #23. Do you charge a cake cutting fee? If so, how much?

_____ #24. What do you do with the leftover food? 

_____ #25. Do you have references / testimonials? 


Wedding Tip #18
When going for your trial "up do", make sure to tell your stylist your likes and dislikes. If you aren't fond of the "do" she gives you, tell her! After all, you're paying HER!
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