Stationery Factory Events

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Contact: Maria Cruz or Steve Sears
63 Flansburg Avenue
Dalton, MA 01226
Phone: (413) 441-8826 (413) 329-5499

The Stationery Factory is a beautiful old factory that held a shoe factory to start and then Crane Stationery. We have 4 event spaces that together can hold up to 700 people. Our largest room has a state of the art sound system with flexible staging and can host up to 500 people seated. We have 3 other spaces that are great for smaller to mid-size gatherings. Please call or email us to set up a time to see if our space works for you. Cheers!

Wedding Tip #18
When going for your trial "up do", make sure to tell your stylist your likes and dislikes. If you aren't fond of the "do" she gives you, tell her! After all, you're paying HER!
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